The Print Gocco and relate consumables were discontinued by the manufacturer in 2005, and in 2008, that last remaining supplies were shipped to their vendors. Since then, various resources have sprung up, including alternative materials. Here's a list of sites that might interest you, if you want to learn more.

Prints & Artists's Books — Most of my prints and artist's books are created using the Print Gocco.

Gocco Projects in Progress — Current and past Gocco projects are documented on my blog under the Gocco tag. — For information about Print Gocco being discontinued, and various projects aimed at saving the Print Gocco, go here.

Yahoo Gocco-Printers Discussion Group — This is a moderated group that started in 2002, traffic is light to moderate. If you have questions about your Gocco, this is a good place to start. Print exchanges are organized on a regular basis, so it's a good way to get a lot of different examples of small Gocco works.

NEHOC of Australia — This massive website contains on-line tutorials on using the Gocco and related products.

Flickr Gocco Group — Lots of photos, of course.

2nd Flickr Gocco Group, Locco for Gocco — Smaller & newer group than the original Flickr Gocco group; there seems to be a lot of people who are on both.

Yahoo Gocco Discussion Group — This was the original group that started years ago. Unfortunately, it's not moderated and has been taken over by spammers. The archives here contain a lot of information and you can sign on just to search the archives. It has almost no active Gocco discussions.

Northwood Studios — Judy offers workshops and stocks most gocco supplies. Workshop schedules are posted online.

Marlene's Craft & Design — Marlene carries all Gocco supplies on her website. She frequently shows projects using the Gocco on Craft TV; she also has a lot of Gocco projects with picture and instructions on the website.