This body of work is both a celebration and a cautionary tale about our most valuable resource. I collaborated with poet and transgender activist Emily Newberry to create an edition of uniquely painted artist's books of a suite of two poems, WATER. The inventive book structure allows the poems to be read in the round as water shifts between rain & snow, and the poet draws our attention to the continuity between seemingly distinct states of being, a more nuanced reading of our world and ourselves. (More after the thumbnails.)

Water Suite, edition of 40 individually hand-painted artist's books
In the Beginning I In the Beginning II In the Beginning III In the Beginning IV
And the World Converges on Chocolate Zheng He Crosses the Ocean Roar of the Calving Ice Upstream, Downstream
Melting Thawing How to Grow a Cabbage (Red Tide II) How to Grow a Tea Rose (Red Tide III)
Red Tide Red Tide, Detail Crash Obsolete
Reboot I Reboot II Buffalo Girl

While water changes easily and harmlessly between solid, liquid and gas, our relationship with water is undergoing a perilous transformation. The paintings here tell the story of our connection to water -- as giver of life, as tools for industrialization and exploration, as dumping ground. They are the beginning of an in-depth examination of our link with this life sustaining resource, and what it tells us about who we are.

This project was funded in part by the Regional Arts & Culture Council.

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